lead the way

How many times did you felt like this isn’t the right way to manage a project, to let people work with you, to talk, to express your opinion, to discuss complex topic? There is no shortcut, no way around, and it’s the same old song: We can’t change the world. It’s absurdly hard to change the […]

how to listen

Listening is such a hard thing to do. It’s underestimated how beneficial it is for everyone and at the same time we are rarely able to do it right. Why? Because true listening starts with setting aside ego, leaving it out of the room so that you can listen freely and with no prejudice. If […]

the learning tide

A nice concept I discovered is how we do learn. Did you ever go to a friend to give him/her some great advice in the hope that it’ll change his/her life only to find out they won’t listen? It’s frustrating. You feel powerless.Well, this happens for many reasons. We might not be in the mood. […]

who to blame

Your team just screwed it up.They made something entirely different, or left a gigantic bug. You’re the higher in command aside from your boss, then you have a chain of people under you, and the last person in the chain made the mistake. Whenever I think about this a story comes to mind. It’s a […]

the hard thing about work

If you’re already skilled and get paid to work, what’s so hard? In your daily work, did you ever thought about “How hard it is to program?” or to “Make a marketing plan” or “Make a cappuccino” or to “Make a pizza”? Did you ever thought your basic requirements for working were too high for […]

yes, no, and world of taking time

What happens when your boss comes to you and ask you if you can finish this -superbig project- in 10 days? You might be tempted to say yes, to please the boss even though you know it’s impossible and it’ll require you to do some extra work. What would happen then is that one day […]

honesty is gold

We live in a world filled with people who sell things.Most of these things aren’t real, some of these things are simply lies. What are you going to offer to the world? Let’s say you made a mistake in your daily work.Are you planning to cover it up?Will you find some excuse to be sure […]

making the most out of meetings

Don’t do meetings. If meetings are required ask yourself “Can I contribute to it?” If not, get out of the meeting. Keep meetings short. If meetings can’t be short split the topics. Unless you’re creating the next Coca Cola you won’t need a long meeting. Arrive prepared. Do your homework, read mails, papers, etc.  Don’t […]

on accepting critics

This year I made an “experiment”. I wanted to know from some people if I had some issues to fix, both technical and non technical, so I sent out a small survey to ask them for help and an honest question. Not all of them answered but some did and their answer was not what I […]

sharing your opinion

Is there a way to share your opinion so that it gets accepted? NO. That’s it. There are times when it’s because you don’t know how to communicate that your opinion doesn’t get accepted, but the key thing many people don’t get about it is that _you will still get rejected_. There’s no way around it. […]

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