shit acknowledgement

If you complain to something at starbucks they’ll be told to apply their “LATTE” method. What is it? Listening to the customer Acknowledging their complaint Taking action to resolve the problem Thanking the customer for bringing the situation to their attention Explaining to the customer why the problem occurred. You know what? It’s a great […]

marketing for non marketers

I don’t consider myself a marketing expert, but I do consider myself a better than average -small marketer- and the reason for this is that I was able to sell things to people and write things that resonate with others. It’s hard to market something. I am a developer and for many year I hated […]

how to write

Some people would like to know how to write better because if you read their emails they’re in a strange, unusual language. They feel fake, they feel as if they were written from a robot. This is the foundation to many marketing tutorials and at its core there is a simple principle: Write like you […]

making good questions

To get great answers you need to learn how to make good questions. Making good questions seems hard. How many times were you in a room and someone asked the teacher a stupid question? It happens all the time. But guess what? It’s perfectly fine. Because if you want to learn how to ask good […]

take your time

A couple of question for you How do you think? Are you a fast-thinker, a slow thinker? How do you decide? By impulse, after cooling down, by documenting, after confronting with others? In other words: How do you handle your life?It’s important to know it because you have to be prepared in both cases. The […]


It’s fine to say no. We all tend to focus on praising, on having the person on the other side like us, but it’s fine saying no. It’s fine to accept that we can’t do it all. Some people might do more than us but if we do our best it’s fine to know that […]

the hardest thing to do

What is the one thing you would not like to do? At work, at home, what is it? When I think about this question many boring things come to mind. Cleaning for example is one of them. But none of these answer is the correct one. The hardest thing to do is to do a […]

life in a glass

When I was a child my mother would often remind of a saying “If walls were made of glass, you’d see what families do for real”She meant that we change our behaviour based on the fact that “nobody is watching us”, that if people were watching us it would show all the bad things we […]

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