a taste for excellence

Are people addicted to success? Yes they are. But what they are also addicted to is another thing. It’s like when you first shop parfums. You’re clueless. Then you start knowing the brands and buy more expensive stuff. Then you get into the niche market and you discover a whole new world of possibilities. Yes, […]

learning isn’t optional

If learning isn’t on your priorities you’ll probably plateauing very soon. Your knowledge can’t expand if it’s not influenced by new thoughts, ideas, people. Let them come. accept learning, add more things and keep what you like. Not in a struggling “I’m not enough” thought, but in a more open minded “what can I take […]

out in the wild

I managed to finish writing a small book that I’ll made opensource later this month (I hope) and so my first idea was to share it with some close friends to see how they reacted. One of them kindly replied with some concerns and what I realized is that I made a big mistake. His […]


Today I had to reset my mac. To my surprise the whole restore from time machine process didn’t go so well, so I had to reinstall macos and restore the docs but not the apps.Which leads me to reinstalling each and every app.  It seems crazy but when you start reinstalling everything you begin realizing […]

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