for the things you love

It’s worth fighting for what you love. Trying something new, going out of your comfort zone to reach out to people. It’s ok to share with them your struggle, even though they might crush you, it’s ok to risk. It’s even ok to say “I’m sorry”; knowing  that the outcome might not be foreseen. That […]

the point of view

If you’re wondering why someone does what she does, then you should step into her shoes. Start viewing things differently. If you think “I don’t see why she would do that” it means you’re not there yet. You didn’t grasp a possible idea, a possible point of view. Because after all, understanding the other side […]

working is a two way contract

Right now in italy you have the feeling that finding a new job is hard, difficult, even impossible.And it’s partly true. So  the default action for people searching for a job is to accept it instantly because it’s so hard to find. One thing I learned though is that woring is not about money. It […]

risks of marketing

Few days ago my business partner wrote me and asked me “Why don’t you write a nice article on this topic?”. I felt he was right. The topic needed something. We should be the one standing for it. So I did it. I wrote a good post that I was proud of and the post […]

what you wrote before

I was sure about it: I didn’t share any view with whom I was many years ago. When time passes though, you slowly detatch from what you wrote and if you happen to find some old writings of yours it seems strange, unusual.  To me it felt like reading someone else’s book, while I was […]

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