less might be more

We’re obsessed by having more, owning more. Our cars, the number of the shirts in the closet, our shoes, the food we buy and then we throw away. We accumulate products of any kind. Some of them will stay hidden in our homes for years befone getting thrown out (not even donated), others go into […]

the smallest part of the whole

If you’re learning a new, complex, skill, you’ll fail a lot. This is normal.  But if you want to accomplish something and understand the behaviour and the mechanics behind your topic, you might want to reduce it to the small viable part that executes it. For example, say you want to learn how to tackle […]

give them a way out

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a nice way to exit a conversation? Or to have a safe option in case everything goes wrong? I guess we all love this opportunity. The chance to simply get out of a trip you weren’t supposed to embark upon. When we confront with people, we tend to […]

ready to fail

Small or big change? What are you after? If you’re after a big change, you should prepare yourself. Not only technically, but emotionally, because you’ll fail. A lot. Think about learning to negotiate. Do you think you’ll get it right away? No. If you feel like learning it, then it’s because you’re not good at […]

the illusion

Imagine this: Group chat, created on facebook to share photos of my family to some distant relative. Starts easy on a christmas day, but soon began a place to share “PLEASE SHARE THIS, PLEASE SHARE THAT: HELP THIS CAT, HELP THIS DOG”. What social media got right was selling an illusion. The illusion to be […]

aren’t you tired of compliments?

What’s the use of partying, the use of writing the things you can do on facebook? Is it personal marketing or is it something different? Unless you’re trying to brand yourself or place a product the only thing you’re probably accomplishing is receiving some “Oh, great!” from your friends. A positive reinforcement nonetheless. But, what’s […]

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