a beautiful job

A coworker works in the customer support branch of the company, she’s doing a good job and I think she’s great. At the same time she’s not happy about her job. This shows up clearly in the way she interacts. Not because she’s rude with anyone, but at some level the people outside know this. […]

a jump into the dark

You face a tough situation. You realize that the person you love didn’t care that much about you. You realize it too late.  What do you do? We’ve been into similar conditions, yet we all reacted differently. We might decide to embrace that darkness, jump onto it and be flooded by its dimension. If so […]

who we are, what we stand for

Gossip is a thing. That’s why facebook gained tractions. Because spying into people lives is such a powerful tool. It gives you the illusion of being god, while obviously staying _human_. One thing the internet hasn’t lost while growing is the “Who we are” page. Every website has it, while I must admit that rarely […]

the second is first

Everyone wants to be first. First and better. The power owned by the ones standing in the upper hierarchy. They want to be acknowledged as the best, they take pride in what they do and show that to the world. In doing so they are guided by something deep that doesn’t belong to the work […]

crying at the voice

What happens when you put all your chips onto a bet? It happens that if the bet doesn’t go as planned you’re broke. End of the game. It’s what happens when we have high stakes with an uncertain future. And as you might guess: it can go wrong. Crying is the only alternative when you […]

filler words

Ever wondered why you don’t use filler words when talking with friends but you start filling each speech with “uh” “eh” when you do it? It’s the clear demonstration that it’s not because of the skills (afterall you can do it effortlessy) but because of the stakes, the stress, the preparation.

only being human can save us

I’ve always been fascinated by how different companies manage critical issues, problems, etc.How do they give credit to the people working there, how do they show their appreciations for the work they’re doing. How they communicate a low performance problem or give perks to enjoy the day to day working life. It’s a long list […]

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