a matter of priority, faux interest vs real interest

Yesterday I was talking to a friend,, once I shared with him my 2015 goals he said that he too wanted to do that many things (I was talking about contributing to opensource and so on) but he just couldn’t make it.
When he got home, he didn’t have the will to do it and he slacked.

I don’t think he really slacked, I’m much more convinced that we have different priorities.
Some priorities are just invisible to us, because we are not able to distinguish “real interest” from “faux interest”.

Real interest is something that drives you deeply, it’s what you think during your day. It’s a motivator of your life.
If you are doing martial arts 3 times a week constantly, you probably have a real interest going on there.

This doesn’t mean that the real interest will last forever. Some times it’s just a mood, some time will just go away in a few weeks.
But for those few weeks it’s on your mind with a big red light that says “Follow me” and your interest is there.

Faux interest can be pictured like something we want to do but that in the end we end up not doing.
It’s the “I’d love to do that, but I’m just too busy”.

I believe there’s some sort of emulation here. We want to emulate success (which, in my modest case I think it’s just “doing a lot of things”) or results.

We are attracted to that idea, and so when we say “I want do build a product, to learn japanese, to learn to dance” what we really mean is “I want to earn lots of money with a successful product, I want to be attractive thanks to my languages, I want to not be embarassed when I’m dancing” and so on.

It’s a subtle trick of our mind.
If we got something we didn’t quite do but we wanted to do so much, maybe it’s time to consider why we care about it and we’re not willing to move a finger for it.

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