afraid of trying

There are some things you don’t want to do because you don’t have enough skills. So you postpone those things away from you, “I’ll do it later”. That’s what I often do. I do it because I don’t feel like trying _and_ failing. But failing is part of the game. The skills I have now […]

what I learned

What I learned I didn’t learn it from studying only. I learned from sweat, from pain, from being heartbroken, hopeless. I didn’t learn it because I was gifted, I didn’t have an advantage. I learned the value of kindness because I got to see both side of the spectrum of the love-hate world.I questioned. Is […]

another way to trick the blank page

Let’s be honest, we all face the blank page effect from time to time. But how to beat it consistently? The trick is always to start with something. The state of mind is the key to achieve a result, but more important than that it is to start. Today I was stuck planning some articles.I […]

not written in stone

Bodyweight training isn’t something that’s written in stone. We do know some of the effects, we can expect results, but at the same time there are some edge cases of training that are not mainstream that leads to results. Why is that? Many jobs, many kinds of work are the result of the continuous experimentation […]

we can’t understand it if we didn’t try it

A person today told me a story of grief. He was angry with a coworker and that led to an escalation of issues and problems in his state of mind and overall well being. When he told me the story I immediately got the crucial point. I knew the person he was angry with and […]

slow movements

Tonight I was taking a glass of water while my wife and my children slept. To avoid doing any noise I slowed down each single movement to control the sound of the glass touching the metal, the water falling down and so on. Slow movements teach us what it’s like to do something with full […]

when you’re too busy you have a problem

Being too busy is a nice story, but in the end it’s the evidence that there’s a problem to solve, an issue to fix. Being too busy might mean you don’t delegate enough, you don’t let people around you grow enough. Being busy might mean that you are doing too much to be irreplaceable, and […]

modest people

There’s a reason I don’t like overconfident people. First: I was one of them. When you’re overconfident you tend to assume you’re right. Your words will always lead to you winning a game. It’s all about winning, it’s all about being right, it’s all about affirmation. Arrogance, that is a distintive element that many people […]

what you crave is not what you need

There’s always this trick, the idea that what we crave, what we passionately desire, is something we should obtain. It’s not. Like any drug addiction what we want is not necessarily what we need, what we want is an expression of our point in life, our goals, our dreams, our aspirations. Those aspirations are not […]

we need to be reminded of life

Life is something we forget about.The beauty of it, that is. We forget about all the small things that make life special, all the care that people brought into our life. We forget that life can pass, it can disappear in an instant. We forget that we should care, that we should not take things […]

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