handling total failure

If I look back at my failure I can clearly see that something in the way I digest that information has changed over the years. In the beginning failure, for me, was total destruction, surrender, a condition I couldn’t escape. When I remember one of my work-failures I can remember how it made me feel, […]

you can’t hide

One thing we learn as kids is that, from time to time, we can do something wrong, but have no one actually noticing it. We can get away with it if we can hide the evidence, the proof, then you’re fine. It’s a toxic mindset that follows us through a big part of our life.Each […]

fear of trying

We do all fear failure and we skip the trying part. We avoid trying something new, because it creates uneasyness. But this is where the learning starts, when you learn new skills, when you go over an beyond your limits. You can’t do that if you don’t try.You’ll only be able to do the minimum.

nothing beats consistency

There’s a topic I come back to very often, and it’s the fact that consistency trumps everything. Keep moving is the best way to reach a goal, to get to the end of something.I saw this recently while reading a book on how to raise children. It’s hard to raise them because we surrender, we […]

the struggle is real

Our socials are a way to hide our struggles. The pretty faces, the smiles. They are like paintings, a moment in time, but they do not show our pain, our struggle with anything in life. And we do struggle, each one of us, each day. That’s why a wise man says to always greet with […]

imposter syndrome

There’s a problem with hiring. We hire people for what we need now, but we should hire them for what we’ll need in 2 years. Perspective is essential. That’s why so many people are caught up when facing a job interview with the imposter syndrome. A perfect fit is rare, and the value we add […]

performance is acceptance

We live in a performance based world. Your time is your first kpi for performance. If you are on time, if you deliver on time, then your performance is good. If you deliver early, then it’s exceptional. You measure your performance by what you can do in a day, if you slack too much you’re […]

invisible work

Lately I’m mostly connecting the dots between people and it’s quite hard to measure and most importantly value my work. It was easy when I was developing things, because organizing that kind of work is clearly visible. But how can we value the invisible work? And most importantly, how can we value the improvements over […]

a child will change how you think

A child will make changes in how you think and imagine the world. What changes is not who you are, but how you weight things. What’s important and what’s not. You’ll learn to give value to time, to not care if you spend time doing “useless” things, because in the end you’ll also see that […]

a shady action will always be shady

I am an optimistic person when it comes to trusting others. I always image there is a good reason for their actions and that they are moved by something they care about. That’s why I always make mistakes when it comes to do shady things based on fear. I don’t usually do them by instinct, […]

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