the underestimation way out

Underestimation kills personality and adds barriers of communications. Underestimation as a prejudice, like “It’s the way you always do” Underestimating others is in some cases the results of us seeking an easy way out. A simple definition, a clear path. Too bad life isn’t that way.  

walk, and then walk again

Once I was in a beach, and with a friend of mine we wanted to get to a not so near hill that we were sightseeing. It was distant, I don’t know how many kilometers, but to me it was far. Like more than an hour. It was an hot summer day, the beach was […]

the frustration that comes from not being “free”

Freedom is often a choice, that is true today more than in the past. What strikes me is how not being free adds an incredible level of frustration to my own routine from time to time. I wanted to take a deeper look onto this, so I thought “What are the issues that may cause […]

slowly as possible could be the best solution out there

Every day we get news about a single app that made millions of dollars, a new program, a new tv shows, etc etc. We are bombarded with information that screams us to be fast, because that’s where the money, fame and happiness are. If you are fast you can make more money, you can build […]

every damned step

Fear shows inside every process. Doubt, uncertainty, are common elements of every creation. To create something you have to take that into account and move forward, you must make fear part of the process, uncertainty a variable of the system. Building onto that, will make you stronger, not from a merely “self-help” point of view […]

sharing joy

There are many reasons why we should share the joy or the beauty of the world. Still, many of us avoid doing that, we prefer to stay silent, to watch, enlighten ourself but leave it at that, without letting the other part know how much beauty he/her brought into the world. In the last years […]

the first step

Every first step is difficult, challenging, but that part is the single most important reason why we should take our time making them slow. In a world where everything is fast, gaining mindfulness and getting back in touch with the beauty of the slow life can be very challenging, but that will help us learn […]

too many options can blow your mind

if you are faced with too many options chances are you won’t make a choice. It’s not a matter of how good you are at deciding, it’s just that we,as humans, want to keep it simple. In the online world everything gets even more complicated. Let’s say you want to buy a product, but you want […]

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