everything is a lie but not everyone is a liar

Admitting our issues our fear is truly hard. When we need to tell the truth we’ll often avoid sharing the whole truth, that will lead to us thinking that we got fooled, but that’s not the case. They didn’t intend to trick us, it’s that their truth differs from ours. Their intentions and goals are […]

addiction to new

What happens when you do something new that you like?You start doing it very often, you start mastering the skills, maybe you even find a community of enthusiasts to connect to. Your mastery goes on and on, you’re better at the craft, you start buying things at medium-pro level. Time passes, the passion won’t fade, […]

expression of emotions

Each one of us is different. When we experience an emotion we can show it, hide it, show it partially, write it about, share it on social. It’s hard to know for sure which emotions are passing through the person you’re talking to. But one thing is sure: We should learn about them more. We […]

personal benefit, global benefit

I’ve said it many times: having personal benefits deriving from an action (for example more money if we sell a specific product) will drive our actions toward that goal. That’s what happens because we tend to focus on our short term benefit. To us it seems like a gain, but it doesn’t give us vision. […]

the hardest thing will always be listening

In a difficult conversation we will always battle to do what’s right. We will prefer trying to argue instead of understanding, trying to dismantle our enemy arguments instead of building a common ground where we can discuss. That’s the hardest part, because when you’re arguing, listening, is what doesn’t come naturally. It takes discipline, trial […]

years adds up

What happens when a friend make a move you don’t like? Should you shut down your friendship just because of that? Some friendships last more than others, some are based on delicate foundations and easily fall apart. It’s fine. We grow and change our view, what’s important for us, where we wanna go. It’s fine […]

don’t be fooled by money

Meritocracy partly failed because in some instances it created a world where people look at how much money they can make “against” other people, instead of thinking on how they can contribute to the world. Money hides the honesty and empathy, because it adds a benefit or a malus. And we’re always after money. Money […]

rituals vs  habits

I once made a mistake, I used a word for something that wasn’t quite right for that word. Imaging describing the Sky using the word “Red”. Yes, it’s a color, but it’s not quite right. You need the exact color. Any other color won’t do. I remember when a person made me notice that “mantras” […]

how many tags of today will be there tomorrow?

Will you still be #bestfriends? Will you still share #bestlife photos? Will you be the one tagged into #beaches #paradise #holidays? 10 years from now, will you still communicate this way? And what will remain of these moments? How many tags will stand the test of time? I guess tags are a way of partly […]

the creative state

A dear friend of mine can write some amazing speeches when almost drunk, but in a normal state he can’t get to that level. I always said that it’s a matter of practice, diligence and so on, that we shouldn’t use this tricks to enhance our writing. Looking back to these thoughs I must say […]

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