the purpose of love

The beauty of love lies in its attitude. You give and give and give, there’s no expectation, no anticipation. It is the act of giving itself that is beautiful. Giving instead of asking marvels me every time. When a stranger give something to you, you are delighted by his kindness. Do 1 kind thing to […]

expecting the world to behave

Every time someone doesn’t behave in the way we expect, we feel a bit frustrated. It’s as if we expect to be the one dictating the rule of the world, therefore when something doesn’t go that way, there must be an error somewhere. But what error? We are indeed free to choose, free to tell, […]

will you do the impossible?

If there’s a scary word, it should be impossible. Impossible means that it cannot be achieved, that this world doesn’t allow that such thing to happen freely. We are bound to rules. It was a while that I read nevblog on how to make 1 Million dollars in 1 month. It was fascinating. At first […]

choose the words, change them

Words have value, but what happens if you keep repeating the same words over and over again? The value of the words decrease, their importance once high goes lower. It’s as if words have a source of energy and power, but this power is finite, and it gets consumed every time you repeat them. If […]

train to fail

I was walking just right outside the beautiful Milan railway station where, at this hour of the day, a cold sunset was about to lie down in the city horizon. At 5pm many young guys group together outside the station in the main “park” (it has no greens, hence the enclosure”) to train with a […]

give the same opportunities

Prejudice is a word that haunt us. Prejudice means we think before reading people actions. A prejudice is born when some actions are repeated, so you expect a person to behave that way, but a prejudice is also a virus. A virus that will infect all the nearest thoughts. In fact, prejudice spreads itself, and once it […]

I’ve been there

There comes a time where you feel like you already experienced someone’s else problems or life. When they come at you with their ideas, expectations, whatever, your reply implies that you absolutely lived in their shoes, you know what they’re doing. As a grown person, you might also say “right now you might think this, […]

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