queue and bandwidth 

If you are waiting in a queue that’s too slow (like I am right now) then the issue is with the bandwidth of the system. If you find yourself queuing too much tasks then you should think about how much bandwidth do you have, and then rethinking your priorities. Allocating time and mind for thins […]

are we ignoring spirituality?

I’m reading the “Choose yourself” book from James Altucher right now, and although many of the things are very “self help” like, there are some things that James surely add to the mix, First, he’s not giving the same old advice, some of it is pretty original and, if not controversial, at least out of […]

did geniuses shaped the world?

I recently watched the Enigma movie, the one talking about Alan Turing. A wonderful movie that shares some of the difficulties Turing encountered during his life and lastly during the fight against the nazi. After the movie we all began talking about how thanks to geniuses the world is now what we have come to […]

can you help?

If there’s a way you can help a friend in need, then indeed you should help. But aside from that, another thing you might want to do is to help him anyway, to give a friend a new opportunity, a choice, a better life. Don’t start only with the one asking for help, consider the […]

can we save the world?

Is there a way to save the world? As individuals I believe we just can’t, there’s no way, superpower, or skill which can help us achieving such an enormous goal. But together, yes, we can build, we can change. We can make the world a better place by following our dreams, no the driven by […]

the invisible obvious

What is the obvious? Obvious is when you already know how things will go, is like having a solution to a math problem without the need to solve it. Knowledge become obvious after you spend many hours learning or practicing. You internalize every mechanism a skill requires and it becomes obvious to you. Like swimming, […]

the purpose of love

The beauty of love lies in its attitude. You give and give and give, there’s no expectation, no anticipation. It is the act of giving itself that is beautiful. Giving instead of asking marvels me every time. When a stranger give something to you, you are delighted by his kindness. Do 1 kind thing to […]

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