listen to the customers or don’t ask

A few days ago I went to a sushi restaurant in Arezzo, a good place named Sushi Bar (genius name, right?). It’s a nice restaurant in the center of the city, owned by some Japanese or Chinese (sorry, can’t distinguish) girl with italian waitresses. They usually serve good food and sushi, but last time the […]

the harsh truth about harsh truths

Lately Hacker News has added some rules to their guidelines regarding the “gratuitous negativity”. We’ve all been there, a friend asks for our opinion on a subject of his/her interest, and we give the harsh truth. Too harsh, probably. The idea won’t work It’s horrible I can’t even watch it Seriously? etc… are just a […]

can we express freely?

I remember a friend who believed that to write a good piece he needed to be a bit drunk. Not totally drunk, but in a middle state of “I’m not sober and words just come out”. Hemingway did the same thing. I happened to write too on those moments, words flow easily sometimes, they don’t […]

seamless integration

Today I discovered that Flickr has finally updated its Mac Uploader, what a news! Since the apple cloud photo announcement I looked at Flickr as an alternative solution, given the enormous amount of free space they offer. What bothered me was that they weren’t integrating. There wasn’t a way to upload all my library to […]

the long road behind

One thing learned yesterday: Always do something that leaves a trace You will want to look back at your past not for gazing or dreaming, but to see your progressions. When you start learning at first you’re goofy, you produce terrible results. If you keep practicing you will eventually get better, but it will be […]

the introvert and the world

Lately I’ve started reading “Quiet” by Susan Caine, and it’s such a refreshing experience to read something that doesn’t talk about the extrovert ideal. I have been an admirer of the self-help world, having also written a small book on the subject, but then I learned also a lot from the experiences which didn’t involve the […]

losing things

When we change there will always be something that we lose. Changing a smartphone, is like losing all, in just one hit. To chain the user, every platform tries to be unique, without even thinking of a base ground. But there are couples, families, who would like to do this. To share without feeling locked […]

in search of youtube tutorials

The incredible thing about youtube is that you can find a tutorial for almost everything. Stretching, working out, whatever you might think of there’s a tutorial on youtube (much like the Apple ad “there’s an app for that”). What we don’t know is how much effective these tutorials are compared to professional ones. Still, many […]

sharing is caring

Today I created a new blog with my fiancé. The idea behind it is to share what we see around the world, not only to help us remember where we’ve been and what we’ve liked but to share it. Also, writing about your trips helps your memory whereas collecting only the photos might not be […]

don’t feed the troll

Warning: caring is important. We, as humans, need to _care about what’s around us._ A man approaches to another man and says to him “You’re just too slow in the morning, it’s like you’re still asleep”. He refers to the slowness at work, it’s a cynic, harsh comment, said with a bit of joke, but […]

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