sharing is caring

Today I created a new blog with my fianc√©. The idea behind it is to share what we see around the world, not only to help us remember where we’ve been and what we’ve liked but to share it. Also, writing about your trips helps your memory whereas collecting only the photos might not be […]

don’t feed the troll

Warning: caring is important. We, as humans, need to _care about what’s around us._ A man approaches to another man and says to him “You’re just too slow in the morning, it’s like you’re still asleep”. He refers to the slowness at work, it’s a cynic, harsh comment, said with a bit of joke, but […]

the rule for failing

Once you fail, a voice will start talking in your mind. The voice will tell you that you’re incapable, that you can’t keep up, that you can’t succeed. The voice will remind you of how and where you failed miserably, it will be your eternal memory of fail. It’s a strange voice though, very similar […]

showing up in a bad mood

I more than ever believe that you must show up and do the work even if you’re in a bad mood, even if you are having a headache. Always showing up will strengthen your will, and will allow you to surpass any obstacle that might cross your way.

we are a family

There comes a time when you start thinking more about family than couple, more about us than we. It’s a subtle change in vision, but it defines what you will become. To me has happened recently and it’s becoming every day more important. It’s moving out of a comfort zone to enter an entire new […]

too much silence

I slacked, again. Failed to check-in in 3 days for this blog, and it’s bad. At first I thought I could just pass it on, but everytime I skip the habit it becomes clear how much I’m losing. It’s like skipping an heartbeat, you don’t quite notice, but it’s a signal that your body is […]

funding is bad

I am a strong believer in bootstrapped services, it’s easy for them to be accountable, to grow with the users. The funding thing is nice, but it leaves space for service to fail, badly. This type of failure is often accompanied with a bunch of people who were absolutely deluded by the service closure. Funding, […]

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