showing up in a bad mood

I more than ever believe that you must show up and do the work even if you’re in a bad mood, even if you are having a headache. Always showing up will strengthen your will, and will allow you to surpass any obstacle that might cross your way.

we are a family

There comes a time when you start thinking more about family than couple, more about us than we. It’s a subtle change in vision, but it defines what you will become. To me has happened recently and it’s becoming every day more important. It’s moving out of a comfort zone to enter an entire new […]

too much silence

I slacked, again. Failed to check-in in 3 days for this blog, and it’s bad. At first I thought I could just pass it on, but everytime I skip the habit it becomes clear how much I’m losing. It’s like skipping an heartbeat, you don’t quite notice, but it’s a signal that your body is […]

funding is bad

I am a strong believer in bootstrapped services, it’s easy for them to be accountable, to grow with the users. The funding thing is nice, but it leaves space for service to fail, badly. This type of failure is often accompanied with a bunch of people who were absolutely deluded by the service closure. Funding, […]

queue and bandwidth 

If you are waiting in a queue that’s too slow (like I am right now) then the issue is with the bandwidth of the system. If you find yourself queuing too much tasks then you should think about how much bandwidth do you have, and then rethinking your priorities. Allocating time and mind for thins […]

are we ignoring spirituality?

I’m reading the “Choose yourself” book from James Altucher right now, and although many of the things are very “self help” like, there are some things that James surely add to the mix, First, he’s not giving the same old advice, some of it is pretty original and, if not controversial, at least out of […]

did geniuses shaped the world?

I recently watched the Enigma movie, the one talking about Alan Turing. A wonderful movie that shares some of the difficulties Turing encountered during his life and lastly during the fight against the nazi. After the movie we all began talking about how thanks to geniuses the world is now what we have come to […]

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