will you do the impossible?

If there’s a scary word, it should be impossible. Impossible means that it cannot be achieved, that this world doesn’t allow that such thing to happen freely. We are bound to rules. It was a while that I read nevblog on how to make 1 Million dollars in 1 month. It was fascinating. At first […]

choose the words, change them

Words have value, but what happens if you keep repeating the same words over and over again? The value of the words decrease, their importance once high goes lower. It’s as if words have a source of energy and power, but this power is finite, and it gets consumed every time you repeat them. If […]

train to fail

I was walking just right outside the beautiful Milan railway station where, at this hour of the day, a cold sunset was about to lie down in the city horizon. At 5pm many young guys group together outside the station in the main “park” (it has no greens, hence the enclosure”) to train with a […]

give the same opportunities

Prejudice is a word that haunt us. Prejudice means we think before reading people actions. A prejudice is born when some actions are repeated, so you expect a person to behave that way, but a prejudice is also a virus. A virus that will infect all the nearest thoughts. In fact, prejudice spreads itself, and once it […]

I’ve been there

There comes a time where you feel like you already experienced someone’s else problems or life. When they come at you with their ideas, expectations, whatever, your reply implies that you absolutely lived in their shoes, you know what they’re doing. As a grown person, you might also say “right now you might think this, […]

how can we interpret information?

From the Facebook news feed, to the Newspapers, is there a way we can interpret information? The scientific thought is not always present, and we can’t ask for that, so in case a news arise, what are you gonna do with it? Are you gonna share it just reading the title? Are you gonna read […]

I got angry again

No matter the day, the sun, or the sky, there will always be a good reason to angry. Usually it’s about saddle information when we communicate. Today I was angry because a developer from another company was being mad at me and was implying that it was our fault. Well, truth is… he wasn’t implying […]

what if I’m going to fail?

“What if I’m going to fail?” that is a thought that more often than not cross my mind. It’s the fear of failure, the fear of not being good enough. The more I thnk about it, the more I realize there’s not a way to fight this fear, it’s part of who we are. Having […]

being generous is good

Being generous will allow you to share gratitude, to get deeper emotions, to enlighten others. You may think that keeping it for yourself might be the best thing to do but when you start so share just for the sake of it, and not for being recognized, something might shift. You might get to connect […]

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