being slow

I recently started listening to the Tim Ferris podcast, and in one of the episode the guest was the founder of WordPress/Automattic, Matt.

I started listening and the first thought that came to mind was “How slow does it talk?”

Matt talks slowly, he takes his time without adding “ehm, ahm”, etc.
A wonderful way to talk and value every single words without breaking the normal conversation flow.

For a 31 years old man, that’s something.

I came to believe we should pursue slowness and avoid F-words, or vulgarity in general.
Two years ago I wouldn’t have said the same thing, but know I’m very fond of this principle.

Removing vulgarity will allow you to give more value to your talk, giving it authority, power, energy.
Slowing your talk will also allow you to think (strange, right?), to choose words wisely, and to take better decisions.

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