can you help?

If there’s a way you can help a friend in need, then indeed you should help.

But aside from that, another thing you might want to do is to help him anyway, to give a friend a new opportunity, a choice, a better life.

Don’t start only with the one asking for help, consider the silent ones, the ones that don’t talk.
There are people in this world that keep all the pain for themselves. They shut their mouth and you won’t ever hear them suffering, although they do.

They do suffer as much as us, but they prefer not to show.
Or maybe they just don’t realize they could live a better life.

I’m not talking about forcing people to change, or showing them “the way” (btw, there’s no “the way”, so if you believe it, stop it).
No, I’m talking about giving without expecting.

Give them a chance to network with a people they might help again, or which they might need.

Give them a chance to talk and give yourself the opportunity to listen.

Give them a change to choose what they want to do, or maybe just give them the relaxation to not decide a thing for one night.

Take them out in the beauty of the sunshine, offer them a coffee and just give to them an unexpected present, something that will remind them of how beautiful this life is, how full of mysteries and energy it is.

It’s a simple thing, yet it’s powerful.

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