did geniuses shaped the world?

I recently watched the Enigma movie, the one talking about Alan Turing.

A wonderful movie that shares some of the difficulties Turing encountered during his life and lastly during the fight against the nazi.

After the movie we all began talking about how thanks to geniuses the world is now what we have come to know it.

But is that right? Do we stand on the shoulders of geniuses only?
While I can’t deny that geniuses did help the revolutionize the world, I can’t stop thinking that the world is this way mostly thanks to normal people.

Think about it for a second: How many geniuses there were in history?
Given the plethora of inventions, ideas, features we have access to I don’t think the geniuses invented them all.
Some of them are indeed a work of a genius, but some others are just the result of a slow and steady evolution, and others are the result of unknown strangers.

Let’s talk about George de Mestral, shall we?
I first started thinking about his contributions to the world after watching the movie Garden State (if you didn’t watch it, do it now).
George wasn’t a “genius” per se, in fact nobody probably knows his name, but he invented one of the most useful thing you could find in a house: Velcro.

Yes, that velcro.

I think we love too much the idea of the geniuses as saviours of the world.
It’s a nice view because it relieves us from having the burden to make this world a better place.
Why would we try to help the world? We are just normal people. Changing the world is for geniuses, and I’m not one of them
It’s easy to think this way, isn’t it?

But life as we know it has grown thanks to normal people that did normal or extraordinary things.
Watch closely: normal or extraordinary.
Not one or the other, not both.

Could you change the world with just normal actions? Yes. many people are doing that in this same moment.
They are helping homeless people having a dinner, or maybe they’re just solving a problem and the next whatsapp might be born.
It doesn’t take a genius to have a problem and try to solve it, it just takes courage and time.

In fact the courage part is needed only when you want to share it to change the world.

So what’s the deal?
Are we all geniuses?
Absolutely not, geniuses are way above the average, but that comes also with a price.
Yet what we are is pure magic because we can do the difference, because the history tells us that the whole world is here thanks to people like us.

Normal people who just wanted to solve easy things.

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