don’t feed the troll

Warning: caring is important.
We, as humans, need to _care
about what’s around us._

A man approaches to another man and says to him “You’re just too slow in the morning, it’s like you’re still asleep”.
He refers to the slowness at work, it’s a cynic, harsh comment, said with a bit of joke, but nonetheless full of a bit of anger and criticism.
The other man don’t give a damn and continues to work.

Where are you in this scene?
Do you find yourself to be the bad man or to be the victim?
Or none of them?

When we get attacked, when people refers to our capacity to do things, we get very personal, don’t we?

Even a small hint of “You’re not good enough” and we feel like we need to stand behind our rights, to fight for them.
Rage start growing, our mind becomes filled with thoughts one second before didn’t even exists.

Pure ego-magic.

I’ve been there, I can’t even think of a day where my damn ego hasn’t been attacked, and where my mind didn’t wander off, and I realized that we have all different sides where we feel our ego to be weak.

If you don’t care a bit about your hair and style and someone points out that you have a mess up in your head, you won’t probably care.
That’s because it didn’t touch you at all.

But maybe they just talk about your situation at work and you’re up and ready to fight.

We all have different tolerance level for this, and what’s infuriating for me might not be infuriating for others.

Let’s look back at the first scene.
It’s clear that the second man doesn’t care a bit about the criticism he just heard.
Those words were in the area of life he just loved the way it was, he didn’t feel attacked.

We need to don’t care about our ego.
We need as humans to start ignoring attacks, to not ever reply to them, because every response is a fire started again.
To do this one of the best way is to think about the many people who wouldn’t just care.

Not because they don’t care about the world, but because they don’t care about that kind of criticism.
They don’t care about the hidden hints, the implications, the double meaning.

They don’t feed the inside troll.


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