expecting the world to behave

Every time someone doesn’t behave in the way we expect, we feel a bit frustrated.

It’s as if we expect to be the one dictating the rule of the world, therefore when something doesn’t go that way, there must be an error somewhere.
But what error?
We are indeed free to choose, free to tell, free to share.

Having a different opinion, making a different choice shouldn’t be an error, yet it’s difficult to move this cultural behaviour outside this box.
Many people will expect that you behave under their rules, in their world.

That’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with them either.
But if they start telling you how you should change, be different, etc, remind yourself that you are what you decide.
Remind yourself that nobody in the world owns the right to know what’s ok in your life, many can guess, and some will also be right, but in the end you’re the one deciding which road to take.

It’s easy to expect others to change, much less easier to change ourselves.
Every time you expect another person to behave differently remember this question
“Would I do things differently just because someone is telling me to?”
If not, if the question doesn’t even cross your mind, then why bothering pretending the same thing to others?

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