give the same opportunities

Prejudice is a word that haunt us.

Prejudice means we think before reading people actions.

A prejudice is born when some actions are repeated, so you expect a person to behave that way, but a prejudice is also a virus.
A virus that will infect all the nearest thoughts.

In fact, prejudice spreads itself, and once it starts spreading is everywhere.

For example, you might think that a friend named Tod justify himself too much, so every time Tod speaks you think “not another justification, please”.

That’s ok, it’s prejudice.
Let Sarah, Tod’s friend, enter the room, and justify herself.

Would you think the same way?

Well… if you were with Tod probably, but in other situations maybe the thought wouldn’t cross your mind.
First problem: Prejudice stays in your mind and may affect your opinion of people who were not the target of the prejudice itself.

Now let’s consider the situation when Tod just makes a mistake, and he’s explaining.
Just explaining, or maybe sharing something with you.
We are outside the justification issue Tod has, but still our mind might be tricked in thinking “oh no, not again”.

This is not prejudice alone, some other triggers are pulled, yet the main virus was prejudice itself.

It’s not easy to judge ourself to discover how infected we are by “side-thoughts”, thoughts that weren’t in our mind but were implanted by other correlations, like prejudice itself.

Personally I found a good starting point is to take some time and think “Am I giving the same opportunities to everyone?”

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