how can we interpret information?

From the Facebook news feed, to the Newspapers, is there a way we can interpret information?

The scientific thought is not always present, and we can’t ask for that, so in case a news arise, what are you gonna do with it?

Are you gonna share it just reading the title?

Are you gonna read some parts alone?

Will you spend your time reading through the article and then search for deeper evidences?

Internet always empower us with choice, but in the end we lack time, so we have to make another choice, is this information something we want and care about?

If yes, then you got to decide how to handle it, if it’s worth sharing.
Sharing based on titles can’t make us better people because in that way we are just helping mass media (not the one you think) manipulate us.
We just go with the flow without understanding the reason, we don’t build a theory, a way of thinking, a point of view.

To create a point of view you must dedicate time and effort, dig deeper, learn more.

That way only you can be sure of what you are sharing.

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