I’ve been there

There comes a time where you feel like you already experienced someone’s else problems or life.

When they come at you with their ideas, expectations, whatever, your reply implies that you absolutely lived in their shoes, you know what they’re doing.

As a grown person, you might also say “right now you might think this, but you’ll change over time”.
It might be true, this might actually happen, but is this behaviour correct?

Should be that much arrogant to persuade another person that there’s no other way? That we are inside a tunnel no one can change?

Young people have the vision of change, the idea that the world can be changed that they can change it, while grown ups usually say try it and fail, I’ve been there

Many of us, moved by stubbornness, have tried and failed, but the idea is still there in every young man and woman, yet we always try to dissuade them from pursuing such enormous goal.

I still don’t think it’s right to dissuade people of this.
We are not talking of trying to do something illegal, we are talking about improving the world, about becoming better people.

Why in the world would you ever want someone to run away from a goal like this?
Maybe we don’t want them to¬†succeed.

Maybe we are just scared as hell that if they succeed, we were wrong all the time, that we failed, that after all it was only us fooled by the system.

Even if they won’t succeed it’s worth if we let other people believe they can.
We should not teach the calm life that you can control while following a scheme, we should engage people into pursuing their creativity at full speed and scale, with empathy and not arrogance, with knowledge and not ignorance.


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