make lists and do one thing

Making lists helps defining how we work, it ignites into our brain a pattern to create a map, a defined map of what we are going to do and how we are going to do it.

Let’s take a degree thesis for example.
When you are preparing your thesis you are usually out of ideas, but to me the best advice I’ve ever received on that was “Do the index first”.

I initially wondered, why prepare the index of the thesis beforehand?
It didn’t take long to realize that creating the index laid out all the work I would have done later on.
Thanks to that, writing the thesis was really easy because the most intimidating part was “What should I write?”

So, whenever I need to define what to do I usually write a list, my index, and then move on one step at a time, trying to not change the context.

I do it also in my work.
As a web developer it happens to build an application that’s more complex than usual.
When I need to do that sometimes I can’t visualize entirely the program, so I write small comments, defining what will be the steps, and then I work on the smallest part, building it until it is full fledged, tested, working.

I just love indexes.

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