prejudice will grow on us

If we keep talking and complain, if we keep giving our bad voice a stage we will just continue to let our prejudice grow upon us, to change us.

Many people online believe we are what we do, not only what we say.
But listening to this motto might hide a different issue.

Saying something is doing something.
You chose the words, you chose the context and the people whom you shared the information with.
You took a decision that’s much more deeper than you thought.

Slowly, the single act of repeating something will turn into a bad mantra, an habit that will grow a new beard on you, an invisible beard you can’t recognize.

This beard will define you from here on, it’s your mark, your tatoo.
It’s what you are now.

Giving space to some bad thoughts and prejudice is not just a matter of words, it’s a matter of heart.
What your heart will become next, nobody can know.

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