share the joy

Share the joy as a way of life, don’t settle for a rule.

Joy is one of the most powerful elements in this world and is the result of feelings mixing into your mind and heart.

In today society we might want to hide joy because it makes us appear “different”, not in line with what we’ve showed until now to them.
But this, this way of expressing freely, is our most true reaction and behavior. Is something that could define us in the future if only we would allow it to do so.

Keeping away from the beauty of joy is pretending to ignore our best part, the vulnerable one and that is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.
The best, instead, is to keep sharing, to show hidden parts of our personality.
To show up and not be afraid.
To be honest and heartwarming.
To love deeply with no fears.
To take hard decisions because we want joy to be part of our world.

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