stand up and nourish your life

Standing up for yourself as a way to cultivate yourself is not very in the news right now.
We are more attracted to standing up for other people rights or standing up to build credibility or have some deserved attention.
The latter things, the one focused on yourself, are more often then not the results of the need to be seen, to show up.

It’s normal, we all have that. But what would happen if we nourished our lives?
Nourishing them as a way to cultivate what’s good and beautiful, to grow our compassion, our empathy, to deepen the relationships we have, to ensure we smile and have no regrets.
I’m not talking about social status, work, etc.
I’m talking about the inner part of yourself, the purest one. The one that doesn’t feel the need to achieve but the need to share and help.

It’s uncommon, but it’s worth it.

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