the courage to open a shop

Today a friend opened a street food bar in our city center.
As both employee and enterpreneur I cannot stop thinking of how big the leap of opening a shop is. It’s a total leap of faith.

To me, building a business, was only a matter of testing and refining. Once I got people that wanted to pay for the product I decided it was worth it.

On the other hand certain type of products cannot be always tested. Food can be tested obviously, but to what extend? How can you be sure that someone would pay for it or that it’ll get enough visibility/success to be sustainable?

It’s a different beast and it requires courage and faith to move onto such uncertain path.
When writing this I was reminded of how we tend to forget our own struggles. When you watch someone you admire, or a successful business we often think “I couldn’t do that. I’m not able, not capable enough”.
But the truth is that we always face our struggles and often we get over them.
There will always be someone that, looking at our work, might say “I couldn’t be able to do that”.
The only difference is in our belief, not in our abilities.

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