the introvert advantage

I am an introvert, at least I think so, and one of the things I always found out true about myself is determination.
Which shouldn’t be confused with the fact that I, occasionally, procrastinate as much as anyone out here in the world.

Being an introvert gives you a place to think of, where your time is the most valuable thing.
Introverts, like me, tend to think about the situations to learn from them and act accordingly.

We don’t learn by body, we learn by mind (if this sounds a bit strange, think of it of body memory and mind memory, that’s the idea).
It’s our mind that slowly process information and creates pattern to react instead of learning invisibly by the body.

This is not always a good thing, since we are (at least myself) really slow at learning by body or without thoughts on the matter.

Being an introvert thaught me to value my words, to listen to my mind and to move forward slowly and steadly, knowing that I will get to the point eventually.

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