the invisible obvious

What is the obvious?

Obvious is when you already know how things will go, is like having a solution to a math problem without the need to solve it.

Knowledge become obvious after you spend many hours learning or practicing.
You internalize every mechanism a skill requires and it becomes obvious to you.

Like swimming, at first you don’t know how to swim, then you start learning the basics.
How to put the arms, how to move the feet.
Then you practice, again and again, until everything becomes automatic.

Then again you keep improving by doing things you don’t know how to do, actions and movements new to you.
After a lot of time spent swimming, the difficult becomes easy and the easy becomes obvious.

It’s obvious then that you must have a breath pattern, etc etc.
So obvious there’s no need to think about it anymore.
You won’t think of what you need to do, you just do it.
After a while you forget about all the small steps, you remember the main core, but all the microsteps you have integrated into your movement, all the adjustments are lost.

They are obvious afterall.

Time after time, the obvious becomes invisible. It is no more a part of your knowledge, the knowledge of your brain.
It’s a memory of your body, a reaction to an impulse, a connection.

Once the obvious becomes invisible we are left with the skill.
What about teaching then?
Can we teach what we learned?

Sure we can.
We can tell the main parts, the things we remember, the movements that are important now.
But what about the micro adjustments? The small learning steps now forgotten?

They are all gone.

Once you get to the invisible obvious all that learning is gone, and you are left with the expectation that by doing X you’ll have Y.
Just a connection, a response to an action.
The path that from X leads to Y is now foggy, and you can’t quite tell what’s in there, what’s the progression.

The invisible obvious is not something that will appear while you learn.
It will appear in the everyday life too.

Relationships of any kind can be affected by the obvious invisible once you automate actions in your mind.
If your spouse is complaining you might think that she always do this when she want to have some love for you.
It might be true, but what if you’re considering obvious something that isn’t?
What if now you’re on a different path?

Prejudice, expectation, is the invisible obvious.
It seems like a friend, but it’s not.

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