the lies behind every **urgent** matter

You probably already know that emails are a way for other people to allocate your time (and if you don’t, learn it now).

The thing about emails and urgent emails is even more interesting.
Urgent, is something referred to a situation.
The email containing the “URGENT” element in the message usually answer the “what” question.

What is urgent?

Thing is… what’s really important is why, which is often forgot.

Why is it urgent?
Is it urgent because you will lose your job?
Is it urgent because you won’t get paid?
or because you forgot it to do it before?

Urgency is a very delicate matter, adding it requires exposing a lot of vulnerability and therefore it is a practice that’s ignored by many peopl.

Still, sharing the urgency could enlighten us in 2 ways

–¬†by letting understand how much urgent it is (once we write it down we might realize it’s not that urgent).
– by empowering the people we are communicating to, allowing them to help us in the best possible way.

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