the rule for failing

Once you fail, a voice will start talking in your mind.
The voice will tell you that you’re incapable, that you can’t keep up, that you can’t succeed.
The voice will remind you of how and where you failed miserably, it will be your eternal memory of fail.

It’s a strange voice though, very similar to the one before the fail.
The one that told you that you wouldn’t make it.

Still, it’s there.
You will start feeling guilty for failing, because that’s what we feel when we fail bad.
It’s our fault after all.

That is a fact: it is our fault.
We are the one that failed, the voice is right and there’s no reason we should deny this.
That guilt, that emotion, will grow in you, and you will feel stuck, blocked.

What the voice doesn’t tell you is that behind that guilt, there she is.
The voice is the guilt too.

There’s only one good rule if you want to fail.
Listen to that voice, trust that voice.

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