train to fail

I was walking just right outside the beautiful Milan railway station where, at this hour of the day, a cold sunset was about to lie down in the city horizon.

At 5pm many young guys group together outside the station in the main “park” (it has no greens, hence the enclosure”) to train with a skateboard.

They are young and most of them are newbies in the field.

I kept watching them, day after day, until today I suddenly realized how stubborn, difficult, and exceptional training they did every single day.

When training to jump with a skateboard you fail, often, fast.

Unless you are gifted chances are the skateboard won’t rotate properly or you will fall down hitting the ground.

And they do. They crush on the ground, they fail to put the weight correctly causing the skateboard to not rotate properly.

But in an amusing way they continue training like it never happened.

The thing is… There are no intermediate steps, you fail or you succeed. And after this many failures they still continue to try no matter what.

I can relate to this. There are many times when you try try try and you fail the same way, but you have to continue and the reason is because you don’t know that you are progressing (and you are).

The only thing you can do is keep failing until you get to learn the right amount of weight you must out onto the skateboard.

Fail until every single action align in a perfectly orchestrated movement, and for the first time you succeed.

After that first success you will fail many times until those “configurations” are a mechanical part of you. You will continue until you can discern the reason of failure in a perfect way (“I putted less weight during the rotation”) and master the technique.

It’s easy to give up, but many times it’s only because we don’t see the progress.

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