who we are, what we stand for

Gossip is a thing. That’s why facebook gained tractions. Because spying into people lives is such a powerful tool. It gives you the illusion of being god, while obviously staying _human_.

One thing the internet hasn’t lost while growing is the “Who we are” page. Every website has it, while I must admit that rarely I find something useful in that page.

What’s it for? Who’s it for?
I am inclined to think that it’s only a way to please our ego. To stop talking about products and start talking about why we’re so great, the people behind the curtain, us, the creators.

The “About us” existed since the dawn of the web.

Can we improve them? I suppose the implict answer is yes, we can. If I were to redo one today I’ll think more about the “what we stand for” and “what led us here”. A combination of the two would be my most plausible test.

What we stand for is something people might be interested in. Our values, our ideals, our dreams.
True dreams and values, not marketing ones. Not a meaningless page full of text, but empty on emotions and context.

No, I’m talking about real values, the ones that shook your heart. The ideals that keep you awake at night, the longstanding goals for a different world.

Those are some things people can relate to, they can dream of and engage with. Those can be a meaningful about us page.

An About Us page, that does talk about us: the readers.

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