will you do the impossible?

If there’s a scary word, it should be impossible.

Impossible means that it cannot be achieved, that this world doesn’t allow that such thing to happen freely.
We are bound to rules.

It was a while that I read nevblog on how to make 1 Million dollars in 1 month.
It was fascinating.

At first I thought “How could be possible to do, from zero, 1 million dollars in a month?”
The comments of the post are really thoughtful and interesting, full of ideas. They show what can be done.

What will you do if your child has been kidnapped and the sum you have to give amounts to 1 Million?
That’s the question.
And the second question is: Will you achieve the impossible?

In your day-to-day life this thought might not even cross your mind, but given the extreme situation of the example, you might react in 2 ways

  • get crazy in a second, thinking “there’s no way”
  • asking “how can I make that dollars?”

If you fall into the second group of people, then something interesting happens.
You start thinking about how to do it, your mind will burn at the end, but you might also do what you thought was impossible.

There are people who make much more than 1 million in less time, so that isn’t impossible at all.
What feels impossible is that you cannot do it.
And sure it’s ¬†difficult, but definitely not impossible.

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