work-life balance

What is work life balance? For some people it means that at 5pm you go home. But would that be enough?

Work life balance is much more than that.
It represents how much your work is intertwined with your life.

Let me share an example: You come home at 6 pm, everything is fine.
But then your phone rings, your boss needs some questions and you answer to him.
Or maybe you receive a work related email.
Or maybe your manager writes you on whatsapp and you don’t know if he want something for tomorrow or asking how are you doing.

Does it means that getting early at home protected your balance? Of course not.
Work life balance is a two way ticket and should be considered in all aspects, like what if your life impacts your work?

Like the example before: You are working, but your wife sends you a message that she wants to buy pizza, but which one?
You reply to her.

Seems like a simple thing to do right? But maybe you were in the zone and you were fully focused on a task, that simple change made you switch. Now you have to warm up again and start working again.

So, how can we fix this?
First: Rules, both with coworkers and friends.
Second: Tech. Put your phone in DND.
Third: Honesty. Because 90% of the people would surely say that their work is impacting their life, but not the other way around (so they’ll keep whatsapp open/whatever).

This issue is much like any addiction, like smartphone addiction. You don’t notice it. That’s why the best way to fix it is to start thinking about it each time so that we learn to see when we’ve fallen again into the same trap.

Cause your life and your work are fragile things, crystal class and you should take care of them in the same way.

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