would you extend your life?

Today we were talking about Elysium Health, a new product that should slow down the aging process of humans.

They are just pills, and they say the project is backed by nobel prize winners.

Life is a curious topic, I am now reading Seneca “On the shortness of life” and talking about life, aging process, is sure curious.
Is life worth extending?

A friend of mine would absolutely pay to extend his current life, meaning the quality of his mind and body together.
He said that, if he could gain 10 more years of this life, he would pay instantly.

That is probably not possible today, but the dilemma remains: Would you extend your life?

It’s not just a matter of paying for it. We are already paying for a lot of things, so paying for one more, even if it is for life, shouldn’t raise much concern.
In this situation I think it’s worth considering the generic question of extending life .

Many (or all) would just say yes, why not?
I would have probably said the same some years ago.

But I can’t help thinking about the Seneca book.
It’s not about the quality of life, it’s about living fully every single day.

He, who lives every day at the fullest, can die tomorrow with no regrets, because he know he lived the life fully.

To me Seneca is right, it’s not about extending life, it’s about extending our mindfulness in everyday life.
It’s about taking chances, making time for the loved ones, every single day.

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