how are you going to plan for bigger things?

When you think about raising a child the first question that might come to your mind is: will I do better than my parents?

It’s hard to say if that will happen. How will you measure it?

We are guided by our ego, by the desire to be great but in fact when we think about children we project our ego onto our children. That is the limit.

We should try to remove the constraints that left our bittersweet memories. We should not be angry for the stupid small things, children don’t care about things like money, after all. What they are after are the experiences, the extraordinary things in daily life.

One thing I loved about this topic is a dad that takes out his son on stormy days, because a good day shouldn’t be defined by the weather, but by what you do.

the other side

It’s easy to live your life as a continuous flow of events that belong to your life. Worrying about what happens to you, where to put your things, etc.

It’s another story to entertwine those things, to live your life as a mix of other’s lives, worrying about what happens to you both, etc.

if it can’t be shared, it’s not worth it

It’s painful to see so many big companies asking to share posts, as if sharing would make it spread.

A big company has more money, can have a bigger plan, yet we see such amateurs sharing posts.

An idea can spread only if worthwhile. An idea is like any other product: It works if it’s good and solves something. A problem, a desire, whatever. Your idea must be effective, interesting, thus leading to people sharing your post.

But it’s not you that will make it popular. You’re not Tony Robbins, you don’t have this following. And even if you do you’ll think twice before sharing a post that’s not so good, because you’re lose the trust you earned.

racism is in the little things

Racism as much as maschilism is in the little things. It’s in those small phrases, conceptually wrong, but socially acceptable. It’s in the “come on, I was joking”, it’s in the subtle things that lies in our head even though we don’t say.

When racism explode and you’re not part of that movement it doesn’t necessarely means you’re out of it. There might be from time to time thoughts, misconceptions, that belong to racism. And thus you have that racist part you have to get rid of.

But when it explodes it means that everyone has something to fix. Even those against racism.Because those things are hidden in the daily life, in the little things, in the things we don’t consider dangerous, but truly are.

looking at mars

These days mars is more red, luminous than ever. Probably because of the distance from earth.

We were lying on our bed, looking at the red planet, her body defined by the shy lights of the city, defining her borders in the night.

In days like this I wonder: Will we have the chance to remember this. Will I remember this moment? Is there a way I can fix it into my memories?

Hard to know. Many great moments pass by, many terrible moments are sculpted into our brain like there’s nothing more important.

But we wish, hope, that some moments might stay with us a longer period of time.
Those moments when we feel we’re grasping the beauty of it right in the middle, and not after years. Those moments where you realize that yes, this is where I want to be.

We should have more of these moments, more of the realizations that keep us present, living each and every instant of our life, focusing on one at a time, because that’s our life, and time, goes.

the hardest most viable product

When you want to create something big, how do you decide when the product it’s ready for showtime? When you’re at the most good viable product that people can enjoy?

When you’re spending too much time refining, when you’re starting to lose passion, that is the extreme time when you should play the all-in. All or nothing, because chances are that if you wait more you’ll lose timing, excellence, customers.

less work

To have a company that will work well when you can’t be there you have to design as many workflow and automations possible. You have to remove yourself from the variables, from the parts of the engine that are required to work.

You must become the captain that leads the way in the dark times, that steers away from the perils,you must be useless for the day to day task, but needed to let the company grow.

a growth formula for sharing

We’ve been fooled. The big growth of facebook, of instagram, the rise of famous influencers and big internet stars fooled us into thinking that yes, it could be easy even for me.

That when you say something, the world will listen, more than ever, more than before.

You can send an email and everyone will read it and act accordingly, you can share a link to your website or an article and it will boom, and we just need to ask each of our coworkers and they will share it too, and it’ll be popular, we will be popular.

I would like to think it’s this way. Even when today I received yet another email asking me to “share” something I didn’t know anything about, something I didn’t care and I didn’t have passion for.
To share a prewritten message, with no rules, to everyone.

But what sharing is, really?
My guess is that the internet faded the whole idea of sharing, now it’s a click of a button, but what do you share in real life?
Well, let’s say you have an hobby, do you always share it with everyone? Not always, and if you ask someone to share your hobby with other people do you expect them to do it?
Obviously not.
Sharing is intimate, the internet made it public, but it’s still intimate. A sharing works when there’s a definite message, a context, a passion, and a target audience ready to listen.
It’s not a click, it’s a whole world.

And what about attention? Do the things we share in real life create a deep sense of attention in our friends? Do everything we share have this result?
No, unless we’re really good at advertising them, and even so if we do it too frequently we might simply lose this edge.

Sharing, asking for attention, is a complex matter. It requires knowledge to trigger that interest, to move people to help you into spreading the word, sharing the message.
What are you sharing? Why are you passionate about it?

We can’t copy/paste it, if we do we lose our touch, our humanity and the message is just a big chain of useless repetitions.
What makes a great share different is context, humanity, targeting to the right people, is selecting a subset, making it special, so that the people that really care can listen to us.

There’s no way we can ignite growth by blind repetition, by asking people to share a link without a reason, without a deep passion or interest into the content. We must be involved, interested, passionate. We must add our touch and message and we must select the people we want to share i to. 

Because not all friends are the friends you’d share your passion with.