if it helps you then it’s fine

It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive. If something does help you getting the job done a being consistent on it, then it’s worth its price.

Obviously we shouldn’t be tricked into thinking that by just buying something we will be better. They are, after all, tools, and as all tools we should be their masters. We should learn and refine the craft, admit our limits, improve upon what we have.

At the same time though we should think of what’s keeping us back, if a small investment can pay us in the long run, if it can add joy, pleasure, is it worth it?

I’d say yes.

better be kind

Jeff besos speech at the princeton is something to look up to.

He writes a couple of interesting things such as “one day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever.” and “Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice. Gifts are easy — they’re given after all. Choices can be hard.”

or “How will you use these gifts? And will you take pride in your gifts or pride in your choices?”

I wonder when, down that road of gifts and choices, something about the whole amazon thing made him derail a little bit. Allowing people to be used and stressed only to have next day delivery.

losing the rhythm

Losing the rhythm happens. It happens in writing, workout, sports, work, relationships, love and friends.

It happens in every imaginable field. The whole point is to not fall for it. Once you lose the rhythm start again and again. Each and every time for each and every failure.

human speed

Productivity is often linked to speed. We think that speed is the only factor.

I, for one, am bothered by slow actions and slow people. One of our customers is very slow using the mouse and I think he could improve the overall speed by learning some keyboard tricks and so on.

This speed thing, is not only software related. In music, when you learn, you keep having this desire to do it faster and you can see many successful musician doing “fast plays”.

Is it all there is?

No, speed is not enough because speed will always have a limit: you.

Productivity and value are not only linked to speed, that’s why slow people can achieve immense results. The person I told you about before? He’s one of the best in his field. I never met someone on his leve, yet he is slow.

Speed doesn’t equal results, it’s only part of them.

the words we don’t say

It’s in our story that we build up what we want to be. It’s in how we share frustration, pain, discomfort that we can elevate our goals and make visible the unknown: our thoughts.

A coworker told me today that ” I know you developers think meetings are useless but we need to do this bla bla bla ”

He put a definite accent on “you developers” and “you think”

While in my writing it can’t be show, his words and his story tell me two things: he has problem with the fact that meetings are considered useless. And he has a grief with some people of the group.

These things shows. They do show because even the best of us will have some form of body language if not, like this, almost direct wording.

And even though the words said are quite innocent, they’re not. The words we don’t say, the one we think of, they do show up in the other peoples while we talk to them, so it’s better for us to be honest and find a way to discuss these difficult topics before they become a kind of bad repetition in our head, a new story, a fake story, a story that will only lead to conflict unless on the other side you have someone that cares more about the topic than about the conflict itself

the world is beautiful

We don’t realize very often how many wonderful people we have around. That’s what makes our world so beautiful and unique, what makes it special.

At the end of the day spend a couple of minutes checking which people helped during your day.

Which were kind or gave you a smile. It’s an exercise to remind us the immense beauty of the world

we don’t know what’s right

A dear friend came to me few days ago with an idea that I found uninteresting.
He wanted to create a new podcast about his life, or part of his life and I thought: “Well, it’s not that great”.

Then I stopped thinking about it. If it was for me many of the youtube streaming live channels will close, twitch wouldn’t exists and many podcast will close.

And if I look back and check the people who started it all, the first podcaster, the first vloggers, I couldn’t possibly imagine their future up until now.

This is a fact: Nobody can foresee a future and nobody will now for sure if an idea will sell. It’s not only the idea, it’s the execution, is the passion, it’s a sum of elements that cannot be summarized by the idea itself.

How will he talk in the podcast? Which stories of his life will he choose? To me “My life” is about the boring things but I know that many vloggers started doing their job by filming boring things and yet they got an immense audience. How was that possible?

It was possible because there are relatable-niches that are yet to be discovered and that we don’t know nothing about.
Your idea might seem trash to _a lot_ of people, yet it might be successful. Not because of the idea itself, but because of the sum of the factors. Your style, your stories, they all sum up. And if you got the right setup you might succeed.

We don’t know what’s right. We don’t know what will succeed or not. We can presume things based on some testing, but if we’re going to do something visionary, extravagant, out of the ordinary, then there’s no way we can know the outcome.

Therefore there’s only one thing to do: To let people try. Because unless we’re a field expert, unless we know exactly what’s happening, unless we are the perfect target, unless the idea is truly the worst idea of the world, well, unless all these things it might work.

need for share

Once upon a time there was a game called need for speed. It was a car racing game and, you guessed it, it was for people that needed that sprint.

The need for speed is real, as many other addictions we have in our times. One for sure is our addiction to sharing things to make our life look wonderful. Social networks are slowly hiding our life thanks to this habit.

By sharing only the great and wonderful things it seems like our life is perfect while it’s not. We still struggle but instead of asking for help, of sharing our complex topics we hide it under the face of the perfect life, making it even harder to get out of this loop.

I’m not against sharing, but I feel that if we did the opposite we’ll gain so much more.

By opening up, by sharing our story, our struggles, we can connect, we can go forward. We can help and be helped.

give us a plan

One of the hardest thing about working is doing some work without a plan.
I think it all relates to the fact that, as human, we need a bigger plan, a goal, a vision.
Without a plan even the smallest, easiest task, seems useless, pointless, worthless.

A plan not only gives people hope for the future, it gives them perspective of what will happen and how to contribute. A structured plan is a great signal that the boat you’re in has sailed to reach an island, you’re aware of the travel and all the perils, but at the same time you can help the crew reaching the final destination.

A plan is effective in so many ways it seems absurd to not have one, yet we do avoid a plan from time to time when we’re drowned in our daily life, when the complexity of the tasks we’re devoted to seems too much for us. In those situations we let go, we surrender, we avoid the plan.

And to be honest, a good plan would be the only way to help us.

doing stupid things

I’m an expectant father and I can’t help thinking that talking to the stomach of my wife is silly. At the same time though I recognize how powerful this action is, on many levels.

First, it connects. The pregnancy is something that mostly belongs to women thanks to their internal change. It’s something that, as men, we don’t get a chance to experience. Therefore that’s the reason why many fathers don’t realize they’re going to have a baby until the baby comes out.

But on a more deeper level, it connects you with the baby because, as study shows, the baby can link the sound he hears while in the womb.

That’s why even the stupid things are worth it. But if you judge them superficially you wouldn’t have done them.

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