open up your mind

It’s in the connections you make with people that you can learn something new.

Only if you take the time to step down from your position, question yourself and accept a different point of view you can really make a change, make a difference.

That’s the key. Today I learned from a friend a new word: Gaslightning, that’s used at work. If you don’t know what that is, look it up, because you probably saw that happening, but didn’t knew the name.

it’s in the small things

Where does beauty and happiness lies?

Is it in the giant skyscraper that hides the rising sun? Is it in the bank account with many zeroes after a number, is it in the enormous park in front of a house?

Or is it in the small things, like two cleaners in a wedding suits shop, cleaning at 5am and making photos near the dresses?

Is it in the couple coming back from the club in the morning and asking for a coffee at the bar, talking kindly but slowly, gorgeously dressed with exquisite colors?

We, as people, are passing by so many stories, infinite lives around us, each own with their goals and dreams we are not part of, yet immensely big. We do this constantly. When we sit at the restaurant, wait for the train, ask for a drink. Around us the whole world moves with a unique rhythm, a music we are part of only as background but that is complex and detailed as our own.

Each story with its own glory, sadness, love and death.

Where is beauty and happiness after all, if not in the small space between those stories. The moment we stop for a second and we glance another universe in which we don’t belong, yet we feel so close to it.

do  the opposite, add constraints

Whenever you feel caged, hopeless, without a way out, think of a way to do the opposite. To add extreme constraints.

What do you need to change to do it in half the time? What to do it without you working, ect.

By doing so you’ll force yourself to see the problems and show them to fix them. 
It feels crazy, but it’s not useless.

for the things you love

It’s worth fighting for what you love. Trying something new, going out of your comfort zone to reach out to people.

It’s ok to share with them your struggle, even though they might crush you, it’s ok to risk.

It’s even ok to say “I’m sorry”; knowing  that the outcome might not be foreseen.

That is the true value in love. Giving, without expecting.
Jumping and risking, only to give more trust to the people you care about.

In some cases this trust can be even gifted to people you don’t know. Risking it all because you’re aware that deep inside people are worth a chance. 

the point of view

If you’re wondering why someone does what she does, then you should step into her shoes. Start viewing things differently.

If you think “I don’t see why she would do that” it means you’re not there yet. You didn’t grasp a possible idea, a possible point of view.

Because after all, understanding the other side point of view means getting to think “Oh, now I get it. I understand why she did this”.

working is a two way contract

Right now in italy you have the feeling that finding a new job is hard, difficult, even impossible.And it’s partly true.

So  the default action for people searching for a job is to accept it instantly because it’s so hard to find.

One thing I learned though is that woring is not about money. It seems about money, but it’s really not.It’s about enriching people lives, simplifying it. 

It’s about collaboration, working together towards a goal, it’s about deadlines and doing things and in the end it’s about doing what you’re supposed to do and getting back what you’re supposed to get.

It’s a two way relationship. On one side you work, you do your best to be nice with the people around you, you try to be on time and so on.

On the other side you have the money, a place to work in, a fullfilling work, a nice surrounding.

If you look only for the money you’ll miss the stability of the company, the benefits of having nice people around, of having less stress. 
Things that matter much more than money itself. Because when you’ll get back home angry and you’ll shout to your wife you will start losing something that cannot be defined in dollars.

risks of marketing

Few days ago my business partner wrote me and asked me “Why don’t you write a nice article on this topic?”.

I felt he was right. The topic needed something. We should be the one standing for it.

So I did it. I wrote a good post that I was proud of and the post went “meh”. 
It didn’t have the sharing power I’d expected.

What would you do then?
Marketing doesn’t mean that you should always follow the beaten path but it surely leads you there.
Once you get used to social media outcome you expect it, you want it each and every time. You’re addicted to it.

Great marketing though works off this path. It works by following unconventional patterns. Patterns that will rarely become mainstream. It’s the marketing for people who care more about the message than the result (although equally important). For people that care about leaving a legacy, not only a trace.

what you wrote before

I was sure about it: I didn’t share any view with whom I was many years ago.

When time passes though, you slowly detatch from what you wrote and if you happen to find some old writings of yours it seems strange, unusual. 

To me it felt like reading someone else’s book, while I was the one that wrote it.

So where’s the catch?
When I discovered an old writing I re-read it, the introduction was well formed, the content was nice. What was different then?
Some concepts are radically different now and I wouldn’t like them to be expressed as I did before.

Aside from this everything was perfect. That’s why I’m planning to open source more of my writings in case someone wants to read it. It might not change the world but it’s what I can put out there for people to read and help them.

the unexpected help

The thrill before a presentation, before a show, is something that cannot be translated in words. Its a spark, a desire, a hope to make it right.

When I decided to write a small book I didn’t knew if it was ok, if it was worth it. I did it anyway and now I receive also an unexpected help from a dear friend.

Life will always surpass your imagination, because friendship, help, and humanity are way more than what we imagine. You only have to trust them, it’ll be enough.

a taste for excellence

Are people addicted to success? Yes they are. But what they are also addicted to is another thing.

It’s like when you first shop parfums. You’re clueless. Then you start knowing the brands and buy more expensive stuff.

Then you get into the niche market and you discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Yes, they’re highly priced and yes, not all of them are worth the price but you can’t go back to buying cheap stuff now that you know what excellence is like.

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