the frustration that comes from not being “free”

Freedom is often a choice, that is true today more than in the past.
What strikes me is how not being free adds an incredible level of frustration to my own routine from time to time.

I wanted to take a deeper look onto this, so I thought
“What are the issues that may cause this?”
Here are some

The Need for Respect

We have all been there, there comes a time when we feel that the counterpart has no respect for ourselves or our work.

The first gremlin lies right here.
We want to get respect, to feel big.

The sad part? This need itself means we must grow up.

The Need for Approval

In these modern times work is often a matter of thought and mind.
So when I say “need for approval” I refer to the fact that we value so much our minds that we don’t consider the simplest fact: we might be wrong.

So, we seek approval of our idea or solution, forgetting the fact that we are not perfect, so before pretending to be right we should pretend to dig deeper into our thinking.

Rage or Vengeance

This is a tough one… rage might be a result of the situation, but it’s a very versatile enemy, it just flows back in without you noticing.

Once you start being upset, that single mood will continue to influence your thoughts, therefore changing the course of your decisions from there on.


I for sure feel this very often.

Uncertainty, specially in a field that’s not your true passion, is a pain you can’t wash away easily.

Uncertainty moves the words: I don’t know about it, I’m not passionate to solve it.

It’s like being eager to stay calm.
Something’s not right.


Can unhappiness in other fields of your life influence the others? Of course.
This is the reason behind most of the fights we take home.

Brene Brown talks about this in her course “The power of vulnerability” and it uses the metaphore of us putting on an armor for our day of work and then forgetting to take it off when at home, leaving our vulnerability armor on and fully operational.
Ready to attack any friend or family “enemy”.

so what?

All in all, I’m always more geared towards thinking that some of the frustrations that appear in a work-related environment are all about people and communication.

We, as humans, are excellent at organizing, even the worst people can do it.
But communication is on an entire different level that we, more often than not, prefer to ignore and leave behind.


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