when can you truly say “It’s a bad day”?

“It’s a bad day” a bad moment, a bad timing. We say that a lot, implying that it’s not a perfect day that things could’ve gone better. But when “bad” is truly bad? Maybe bad is just the result of the sums of many moments in our life. How do we feel appreciated and loved?How […]

some notes should be reminders and some reminders notes

Some specific notes are things we need to be reminded from time to time.”Be kind” is a perfect example. We all know it’s a good idea, we all agree on it yet we forget it from time to time.When we’re drowning we forget it and start being an asshole again. That note, and many other […]

a trade-off

What we need from time to time is a trade-off that’s not risky for everyone, so you can quit easily and say no with no regrets. It leaves doors open and allows you to be open about what you’re truly interested in.

trust the doubt

In times like this it’s normal to star wondering how to handle information and misinformation. I came across today a facebook profile of a man that denies covid. What was clear to me is how he was conveying information. There’s something similar in a specific part of politics in italy, and, sadly, in an old […]

unexpected changes

We always think about changes as some fundamental transformation of our beliefs, our behaviors, but it can also be a deeper understanding of people. An old limit like “needing to have the plan explained in the details” might show a person under a different light, because what once was “How boring, I do need to […]

there will be skeptics, but we need leaders

Last friday our whole company had a virtual meeting with a highly skilled person working on the “growth” of people, not technologically, but from a human and communication perspective. She’s one of the most amazing person I know and she did her job with majesty. At the end of the meeting I had a chance […]

a stable foundation

“I don’t get enough compliments” A compliment for the looks, for a good idea, for the work we’ve done is a gift we like from time to time. It makes us “seen” by the people around us. At the same time, if we base our lives on those compliments there’ll be days when we get […]

can you do better?

The web and the social networks gave us so many things. One of them is allowing everyone to express an opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to different opinions all day and what makes a big difference is how they are exposed. What bugs me instead is how, given a decent skill set, we […]

not forgetting the roots

It’s easy to move forward, adjust your life to a new kind of work, a new style. But what brought you there? It was the mix of competence, skills, passion, vision that you had. That ,is made it special. That mix made it worth it. Moving on and thinking you can simply abandon it it’s […]

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