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  • distilling information

    Being able to distill information should be our first and most important goal.Not because we want only to be understood but mostly because being able to spread information is vital to any success.How can you communicate what’s your plan, your goal, your ideas if you are not aligned with the people around you?How can you […]

  • big changes might get you lost

    When life puts you into big transformative moments it’s quite easy (and the void of writing in the last two months is proof) to loose the way. To forget all the foundations you’ve built over time and move onto the next big thing. Yet, we should try and ask: should I keep it or throw […]

  • we don’t need more courage, we need more empathy

    If your job is not going well, if there are problems you can’t stand the default answer from many people will go towards courage. Courage is the word we link to the spartans, to the great epic conquerors of the past, to the people with enormous success. We expect courage to fix all the problems, […]

  • problems don’t form us, they summon us

    The title was an intriguing phrase I got to read (in italian, so pardon my translation). There is something about it, something very powerful. It lies into the idea that when we face crisis we don’t really get a chance to form our character, but instead to choose a path. They call for us, for […]

  • complexity is hidden in plain sight

    We’ve all had that moment: “Oh, this is so simple, why don’t you do it right away?”It could’ve been a product, it could’ve been an action and so on.We got that impression that something is easy to do. Working lately on products I can’t stop thinking at how magical complexity really is.Let’s move away from […]

  • Missing focus

    I am starting wondering if people outside the software development world still get that kind of “deep focus” you get while developing. I recently coded again and it was a pleasure to find myself immersed into the task, entirely focused with no distraction tempting me. If so, how do you reach such concentration in a […]

  • leadership is made by continuous examples

    When we lead we’re often tempted to shortcut.To give a quick solution to a problem or to guide people towards what we think is best.If we have an higher rank we might fall into the trap of thinking we have the right to interrupt and speak, or to move the conversation of a meeting towards […]

  • To grow you need a gap

    It’s when we face the unknown that we grow. It’s when we are not perfectly suited for the job, that we have a chance to add skills and improve them to survive the context. When you have constraints you can’t remove or skills you didn’t refine enough, then you can grow, because you’re filling the […]

  • Numbers are not enough

    Recently I had to make a software selection based on many technical aspects of each product. This was a cross-functional team initiative, so each team would need enough ownership to dive into the product and assess whether or not the feature was complete, sufficient, etc. So I decided to prepare both a document with all […]

  • the value of focus

    This is an easy post to make, maybe even too much conventional. I’ve been always a fan of focusing, of having some dedicate time. As a developer first and foremost, this was something I craved. Uninterrupted time can do wonders in letting you dive into a direction or topic. So why even bother writing for […]