reviews will hurt

As a product creator, reviews are one of the most amazing feedback one can ask. It’s spontaneous, many people don’t get that it’s a great way to collect user feedback, not only for marketing purpose, but for product development. Yet, at the same time, they hurt a lot. Even a four star review sucks and […]

Not every example should be a reference

I’d like to write even more and share my thinking with the world and one think that’s blocking me is one simple fact: I shouldn’t be anyone’s reference. I am different than the majority in terms of willpower, energy, motivation, goals. This not to say “I am better”; but to say that some of these […]

The worst part is when you’re the only critic

I miss judgement, people knowing better than I would what to do.I’m not saying that I’ve reached a point where I can’t learn, only that when you can’t receive feedback it’s hard to truly grow. To me it’s still ok because I always seek the bug and the improvement, but what would happen if I […]

It’s not about the role

Some people do care about the label on their tag.They do care about how people will call them. It’s fine. Yet, if you look at what are they doing, where is their value: that’s what defines their job.Not their status on linkedin, not their label on the tag. They can slack, they can overdo it, […]

Impact of a voice

Before the pandemic we’d be always fascinated by the people that, when they entered the meeting room, changed the room’s mood with their presence. That required a lot of body language, a masterful crafting of words and intentions.Those people were rare. Today we’ve been confined to online meetings and one thing is sure, the remote […]

Ethics and no

Many people say that they’d want to “Live the dream”, to have a job for themselves so they own their life. That dreams also means having tough times with decision making.Like saying no to a very big store that wants your products. Drawing the line between what’s good and what’s right is what makes it […]

a strange social animal

If you know me, you’d say that I am a loved person, a person people like to get around with, even an interesting one they might say. But when I look at any social feed I know I don’t belong there.I was reminded by this when I read today a post by jason fried. In […]

Product failures are a good thing if you learn from them

I became a developer with no reason at all. When I was young my dreams were different, but when the school decided to not open up the courses for what I was interested in, I had to make a choice. The IT Field seemed to have the most chances of employment and so, here I […]

the small ones can do wonders

What is the difference between a small or a big brand?One has less money then the other, one has less people to manage than the other. Those affirmations are true, but that’s not the end of the list.While it is undeniable that a bigger brand does have more power, one thing the smaller brands have […]

Proud or comforted

If the people tell us that we’re good at something, that they trust our work, that they are sure we’ll be exceptional our first reactions should be to be proud. Proud only means we’re hiding the things that scare us. We look away from the darkness.Being proud of something other people tell us is somewhat […]

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