leadership is made by continuous examples

When we lead we’re often tempted to shortcut.
To give a quick solution to a problem or to guide people towards what we think is best.
If we have an higher rank we might fall into the trap of thinking we have the right to interrupt and speak, or to move the conversation of a meeting towards a different topic.

But what these actions truly achieve is to lower the power of the team.

Why? Because you (the leader, or the highest in rank) are the example.
If you get distracted, you allow everyone to do so.
If you don’t make space for other’s opinions, people will shut op or even worse, they’ll talk over others.

If you won’t respect the time people are putting into this conversation, the others will do the same.
If you don’t trust, you won’t create trust.
If you don’t let them free to experiment, you won’t get experiments.

If you will be superficial you won’t see people going deeper into a problem or a topic.

To get the maximum out of the team you need to be your personal best example.
If you show a mediocre example, you’ll get a mediocre result.

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