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  • the road to competitors

    Many people now talk about clubhouse and his possible competitors created by the main social networks. It is undeniable that companies like facebook have the power to realize such product, right? But why? The reasoning behind developing something that’s already out in the market has many faces.First, it’s because of users. Social networks want to […]

  • learn to express your way in any medium

    When you talk your body express how you feel. Your words and tone of voice define your style and inclination. But what about other mediums? Mail, chat, etc. Are you using your voice if the people you’re writing to are the same of a meeting? You can be recognized, identifiable, with little tweaks and build […]

  • endless scrolling

    Most modern social networks and often some website implement this feature called endless scrolling. Basically you get new information to read or buy as long as you scroll.Even those that don’t implement this kind of scrolling have expanded their list to a number so big that it _feels_ like endless. Why do that? First and […]

  • handling a blue moment

    I should admit it: I’ve been almost depressed lately. I’m not saying “depressed” fully because I know the whole implications of depression and it would mean ignoring all the pain that people that go through that kind of path feel. But yeah, I’ve been underwhelming to say the least.The reason: Too much “undefined” work, and […]

  • death and opportunities

    I don’t understand suicide. It’s awful, it’s terrible, it doesn’t leave a trace.Yet, it’s a message of failure. Failure of the system, of the society as a whole, failure of the circle of support that should be resembled by family and friends.Failure to notice. Today a person I once met committed suicide and it’s terrible.I’m […]

  • reviews will hurt

    As a product creator, reviews are one of the most amazing feedback one can ask. It’s spontaneous, many people don’t get that it’s a great way to collect user feedback, not only for marketing purpose, but for product development. Yet, at the same time, they hurt a lot. Even a four star review sucks and […]

  • Not every example should be a reference

    I’d like to write even more and share my thinking with the world and one think that’s blocking me is one simple fact: I shouldn’t be anyone’s reference. I am different than the majority in terms of willpower, energy, motivation, goals. This not to say “I am better”; but to say that some of these […]

  • The worst part is when you’re the only critic

    I miss judgement, people knowing better than I would what to do.I’m not saying that I’ve reached a point where I can’t learn, only that when you can’t receive feedback it’s hard to truly grow. To me it’s still ok because I always seek the bug and the improvement, but what would happen if I […]

  • It’s not about the role

    Some people do care about the label on their tag.They do care about how people will call them. It’s fine. Yet, if you look at what are they doing, where is their value: that’s what defines their job.Not their status on linkedin, not their label on the tag. They can slack, they can overdo it, […]

  • Impact of a voice

    Before the pandemic we’d be always fascinated by the people that, when they entered the meeting room, changed the room’s mood with their presence. That required a lot of body language, a masterful crafting of words and intentions.Those people were rare. Today we’ve been confined to online meetings and one thing is sure, the remote […]