fake interests

Right now companies are dying to show off their interest for the entire world, their interest in the people etc etc. Before the pandemic many of them didn’t care, many of the people we know didn’t pay taxes. Now we say that nurses are heroes but their work is (in italy) funded by taxes. I […]

addiction is not the problem

Today, while listening to the podcast of Tim Ferris with Gabor Mate I discovered on beautiful thing on addiction that I find extremely fascinating. Addiction exists to pose a temporary end to a bigger problem. When you’re addicted and you feed the addiction you’ll get some benefits (relax, good mood, energy, whatever).That is what you’re […]

to be seen

One of the mightiest trick our mind can do to us is to let us believe that we should be seen. That our actions, our work, our effort, should be openly recognized by anyone. This need of recognition can rot any goal, because we will fail. Even if we don’t want, even if we’re exceptional […]

why a child makes the difference

It’s been a month since I became a father and now more than ever I do understand that some things cannot be translated into words. The child changes your life, she’ll put you through a lot of troubles but at the same time she’ll be a concentration of love. Your love. A kind of dedication, […]

What do you add to the information?

It’s easy to get tricked into thinking that a higher role in a company means you’ll do less work, you’ll simply pass information from up to the lower levels and back on. But that would mean that you don’t add value to the process. And that’s where we can find the key differences between top […]

Death toll

Few weeks ago my cat died, he had some heart disease we didn’t know of. When we found out it was too late. It took two weeks to see him die. Two weeks going up and down to the vet, trying to guess the problem, never having a solution. Leaving it all night while feeling […]

Being a father

Being a father changes everything. It changes how you view the world. Things that before looked uninteresting, like the smile of a child now they’re nuggets of gold.It changes you because it enables a zen mentality. As a developer I’m inclined to find and fix bugs, bad behaviors, errors.But the behavior of a newborn child […]

Many kinds of deaths

Years ago, when a friend lost his cat I didn’t understand it. To me it was like losing a used ticket. Not worth it. Few days ago I lost my first cat. I understood the difference in losing something you don’t care about and something you care about. We even feel in despair if we […]

The unexpected you

My wife once said “I became what I hated the most. I own a house, I am married and will have a baby”. Which is true. She is now becoming a stereotype of what was she thought was a “predefined” life. But is it true? It’s like indie. You want to stay away from the […]

Entrepreneur or employee

Where’s the limit? When it’s your job of employee and when you’re landing onto the entrepreneur’s land, by finding solutions that are more fitted for a different state of mind? “If your goal is to be the head of an area then…” It’s a common phrase. We’re linked to goals, to remuneration, to advance in […]

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