it’s all about the people

What makes a company worthwhile? Is it their goal? Is it their software? Those are part of it, but they’re never enough. Yes, “the dream” can help, but at the end of the day what makes a company truly worthwhile is the people you interact with. Their empathy, their ability to connect, to feel your […]

green cleanup

You see it everywhere. Brands now advertise themselves as environmentally conscious, green, caring for the planet. Years ago only few brands stood out because of these attributes, but nowadays it seems every company cares about the carbon footprint, being environment friendly, create less plastic and so on. How much of this is true?Well, for one […]

say thanks more often

We should thank more often. Take a moment to realize who are the people that influenced us, that shaped our lives and thank them. Think about all the friends, all the coworker, all the people that have been an inspiration for you, that helped you get through the rough times, that supported you when nobody […]

identity of work

I’m not attached to work titles. Sure, they are tied to how much you earn at the end of the month, but I always felt they were an unnecessary weight to your decisions. The first problem is the main problem of any job. We’re tied to money.Unless we reach financial freedom we’re at stake, so […]

it always takes time but it’s not about time

My wife had some necklaces that became all intertwined, and she needed to untie them. I offered to lend a hand and help her, not because she couldn’t do it, but because it was a good chance to recall two good things I learned in life: Untying and doing useless things. On untying: It was […]

we should be honest on what we care about

There will be hard times, there will be a hard moment, we will fail. But if we’re honest with others about our story, about what we believe, what we hope, then we can communicate. It’s only through communication that we can change something. It’s by playing with our cards clearly visible that others can chime […]

Always choose people over processes

In a remote working world it’s easy to forget about people and think about processes. Empathy, in a remote working world, is something much harder to express and convey, it’s easy to miss the subtle changes in body language. That’s why it’s so important. Any process won’t be able to replace the kind of care […]

marketing complexity

Look at nike or under armour shoes, how are they? They’re a complex composition of elements. The sole can’t be simply white, often it’s bundled with addon of any form and color to express the underlying complexity. Or look at some of the toothbrush offerings, some are of a pantone color, other contains more than […]

learning new types of kindness

I know: Kindness is all the same. I thought the same way, but in the end I realized that there are many varieties of kindness, ways to care about the people around us. The simplest act of kindness is to greet people, to simply say “Hello”. That’s the first rule, the basic foundation. I learned […]

when can you truly say “It’s a bad day”?

“It’s a bad day” a bad moment, a bad timing. We say that a lot, implying that it’s not a perfect day that things could’ve gone better. But when “bad” is truly bad? Maybe bad is just the result of the sums of many moments in our life. How do we feel appreciated and loved?How […]

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