Who’s on your side

A key element I often find missing during business hours is transparency. We tend to hide information instead of share it, as if hiding will make that information more valuable, as if it can protect us. What’s happening though is that the missing information goes against us, people will draw different conclusions, maybe even bad […]

A role not needed

When a meeting is filled with too many people there’s a question we should always ask ourselves “What’s everyone’s role?” Because the thing is: If we do have a role, then it should be clear what our contribution is going to look like. If we don’t it subtly says that we can talk whenever we […]

Pre flight checks

How do you deal with procrastination? One of the best advices I’ve ever came across was this: Schedule something small each day. Small enough that it won’t bother you, big enough that it’ll make a difference. Start with this and increase the volume when you’re ready. This is a simple recipe but it works each […]

A present from the past

I always loved presents from the past. When you make a gift to your future self. It’s why many years ago I decided to have my first tattoo. I couldn’t imagine that would also be my last tattoo, but after all its meaning stayed the same. It’s wonderful when you want to fix a concept […]

Selling connections

There’s a man where I work, it’s one of the most skilled individuals I’ve ever come across. Right now he’s the head of developments of a big company, but I had the chance to meet him long ago, when he was following a small project for another big brand. How did he get there? Not […]

A truthful show

What is honest in a show? When I look at Jimmy Fallon I love how spontaneous he is and yet I keep wondering: How much of this is planned, how much of it is in the script, and how much improv is there. Fiction, that is, the ability to imitate real life. Like an actor, […]

We’re all fighting together

Couple of days ago I discovered a coworker wasn’t performing so well. Given the fact that we had some “Moonlightning” issues in the past (people working for two or 3 companies at a time) I wanted to understand better what was going on. Once I had a chance to talk with him I realized that […]

Feedback is critical, instant feedback is useless

Did it ever happened to you to enter in a restaurant or a bar and to not be greeted at all? When it happens you feel like a ghost, like you’re invisible, like you don’t matter for them. If the wait is long enough it’ll have all the right cards to make you angry. But, […]

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