death and kindness

It is often the case that death teaches kindness. It reminds us how fragile our life is, our weak the net of people is and how it can break easily.

It’s a powerful reminder that what we have is temporary. Today we know it’s there, but what about tomorrow?

With this knowledge we review our world, the world around us, our dreams and we come to the conclusion that maybe being angry, aggressive and so on is not something worthy of our time.

Yet we forget. We forget how much kindness can empower our surroundings. After a while all these lessons fade in the memory, replaced by our old reasoning. Our ego takes the lead again and we go back to what we were doing.

How much powerful should be our loss to make such change permanent?
Looking closely these changes are similar to our new years resolutions. They don’t stick, they are a beautiful intention, but rarely a beautiful conquering because after a while we go back a restore our old behavior.

It’s hard. It’s complex. Keeping up with kindness in a world without too much of it is extremely hard.
Yet it’s worth it.

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