Change is hard for one good reason

There’s a reason why change is hard. Real change goes to the roots, it requires being in the midst of the war, it requires responsibility. Real change doesn’t start with what you did wrong, but what I did wrong, what I could do better. Real change is not pointing fingers to others, it’s an understanding […]

Every year adds up

When you know someone for a long time chances are you have some kind of prejudice, some kind of automatic storytelling that’s happening in every interaction. That’s why communicating becomes harder each time, because you need to take off a layer for each year, for each unresolved issue, for each word you kept inside.

Leaving a job

I was listening to the Tim Ferris Show and there was this woman that said something very interesting, two things stayed with me after the podcast. First: We might have a promotion, a new job, but if we’re not prepared, if we don’t have all the skill set, we might not be a good fit. […]

Good intentions

I remember when my grandpa died. I got the news through a call phone from my mom, I was in car, heading to work in a client’s office. Just like many other examples my grandpa died after a glimpse of perfect recovery from an illness. He died few weeks later, when nobody would’ve expected it. […]

Everything heals

From time to time we feel we are doomed to fail, that chances are above and beyond us. That we won’t stand a chance. In those times it might even happen that all happens in the way we wouldn’t expect nor desire, we feel hopeless. Yet, after years we survive. We can survive losing eyesight, […]

A snapshot in time

Yesterday we were all reunited with my wife’s parents, watching videos of their youth. Seeing people 10-20 years apart can make a big different. You get too see a visual change, you see them young and then you look at who you know now. That snapshot in time takes many informations. You see a young […]

It looks like a failure until it’s not

Today I decided to re-add some silicone to my bath, there were some angles that got mold too easily and I wanted to reinforce them. I bought a tool that should ease things out so I started applying it. Line by line, row by row in my shower. The result was… a mess. I’m not […]

Force yourself

For a while I was sure that the best way to achieve something was to do it with pleasure. When you take pleasure into doing things they come out better, more polished, more refined. There’s a limit though: You can’t always be in that mood, in that passionate interest. So what will you do? Will […]

the illusion of greatness

We live in a social network world, and we tend to measure success by what we see. If we see images of an happy family, we instantly think they are happy, even if they’re not. Social networks give us the illusion that we have a window into other people lives, but we miss the fact […]

Nothing changes on new year’s eve

Every new year there’s a spike in divorces right after New Year’s Eve. It’s not because we cheat on dec 31st, it’s because we’re fooled again by the fact that we can seek a new start by changing the outside conditions. A new watch, a new job, a new wife. They can change part of […]

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