the road to competitors

Many people now talk about clubhouse and his possible competitors created by the main social networks.

It is undeniable that companies like facebook have the power to realize such product, right? But why?

The reasoning behind developing something that’s already out in the market has many faces.
First, it’s because of users.
Social networks want to keep you in their loop as much as possible, because, as you would expect, you are their revenue, your attention is the coin.

Secondly: They could even do better, because they can leverage the immense community they’ve built over time, so, if they do it right, they might be able to crush the competition.

It doesn’t always go like this, think about the old google plus, now dead. It was born as an anti-facebook. Google had all the possibile power and played many cards to see how many people would use it, but in the end here we are: Facebook 1, Google 0.

For a big brand like FB, following the competition is a way to minimize losing users. But for normal brands it’s not always useful.
Your users choose you for your style, your direction, your goal.
If you align your craft to a competitor, yes, you might get to a different place, but at the same time “your people” might not follow you anymore.

It’s important to be different, and accept that not all roads should merge. Not all roads should aim for the gigantic goal of being “complete”.
We like imperfection.

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