handling a blue moment

I should admit it: I’ve been almost depressed lately.

I’m not saying “depressed” fully because I know the whole implications of depression and it would mean ignoring all the pain that people that go through that kind of path feel.

But yeah, I’ve been underwhelming to say the least.
The reason: Too much “undefined” work, and too less “direction”.

This made me realize that, as remote workers and also as general workers, that these two elements are critical for a well being.
We need them to thrive and move forward.

Defined work “knowing exactly what to do and how to do it” helps us being happy or not with the result. If there is no expectation, how do you judge the work you’ve done?
If nobody checks out your work, how do you know if it was good or not?

Secondly: Direction, as known as “knowing where to go”, makes it really easier to put one important thing in front of another, to set a vision.

So, back to the title: is there a solution?

To me it always goes back to asking for help, first and foremost.
But even asking for help isn’t enough sometimes.
I too had an hard time defining my problem and honestly I do believe we live in a culture when we’re not used to sharing such difficult moments.

So what? The second step is to ask for help again and share the issues. And the third and final step is to be aware that we’ll all eventually move on.
That all the stress will be fixed one step at a time because if there is no much definition one thing that might cause it is the fact that you’re too much far off the result so it’s hard to “see” it .

One step each time will make you closer to what you should be doing.
One simple, small, step

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