endless scrolling

Most modern social networks and often some website implement this feature called endless scrolling.

Basically you get new information to read or buy as long as you scroll.
Even those that don’t implement this kind of scrolling have expanded their list to a number so big that it _feels_ like endless.

Why do that? First and foremost it’s to remove friction.
If you need to act on a button to read more after a while you would give up.
But more importantly is the fact that we are not aware of the flow nor of how much time it passes. That’s why it’s so critical for social networks to implement such “attention-robbing” mechanism.

I always wonder if we will adapt to this or not. Right now we need some extra software to be aware of how much time we spend on website. We didn’t change ourselves, we changed our devices.
Is it easier? Yes

Is it better? I don’t know. But if you have the chance to realize how much time you spend on something, then it’s also worth trying to fix it for yourself first and with devices later.

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