team building

It’s an abused word. Team building. Seems like everyone should like everyone else. In some context it is taken to the extreme but the real team building is not about building a team. Is about building respect for other people in your group. Treating them as human. Starting to like their behaviours.  It’s human forming, […]

our age

Our age defines what we can and cannot do. It starts with what our body is able to do, but it moves also into the field of what we’re allowed to do. As grown up, looking at a young girl, is not something you want to be caught doing, or you might be fooled into […]

undoing racism

We’re seeing something very unusual here in italy right now. We have people focused on immigrants, hating them, just like 60 years ago. How did we come to this? It’s hard to explain but to me there’s only one thing that led to this situation: We allowed it.Word by word, small concessions to people that […]

the magic of thinking big

How many great ideas did you have last year? How many this month? If you look at ideas alone you might be fooled into thinking that yes, you can make a big difference with a big idea. Keeping aside the fact that idea without execution equals nothing, there’s more to it.An idea and a great […]

things you don’t know

in life there are no blueprints. There is no clear path. That’s why it’s not really important what you choose. You can change it. Some time it’ll be harder than others, but nothing is set in stone. You can unravel any choice, make it better, make it count, as long as you keep your heart […]

raise the flag

You can’t save them all. You can’t fix it all. There are things that are part of your possibilities and you should pursue them. But some of them might require too much effort, for what? Given the fact that we all have a finite amount of time, energy and will, how will you spend it? […]

quality is a choice

Quality is not something you find by accident. It’s a clear choice you make either buying or doing something. If you care about quality when you make your work, then you’ll do different decisions, take different bets. Quality isn’t about the short term, it’s about the long term

your mind defines you

We’re tricked all the time. Manipulated all the time. Words can recall memories we didn’t want to remember. People can say things that we misunderstand, causing anger, rage, etc. We think we’re in control but we’re often guided by emotions ignited by others in our unconscious mind. That’s why our mind is our most precious […]

back to the smallest

“I need to train to get fit, but I need motivation to train, and I need results to get motivation”. Seems complex, but the point is: We need to build momentum to get back on track, even if we did it in the past, we need to start from scratch when we lose our momentum. […]

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